summer pups


summer pups

Marina is leaving oakfalls!

Bell offers would be great!


leif rebloggable by request wwwowowoww


Villager you’re trading:Marina

Villager(s) you’re looking for: Bam*, Zell, Wolfgang,Chief,Fang,

When your villager moves: Today! 26/7 Gmt+1
Additional info:Will also take bell offers if i can’t get any of these villagers,I have 10 villagers so you will have to pick up first.
URL: abbey-crossing
Mayor Name/Town Name: Abbey/Oakfalls
FC: 4441-9979-7830


Okay so wouldn’t it be super awesome if in Animal Crossing your mayor could wear an mp3 player and walk around listening to kk tunes instead of always listening to the built in tunes of their town? I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this before or not but I think it would be an awesome idea ^^


i should make my town full of ducks